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Team Goliath Delivery Drivers share what it is like to be Opt In Plaintiffs

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In the fall of 2021, a federal court in Lexington approved a $1 million settlement for pizza delivery drivers who worked for Team Goliath, Inc., a Domino’s franchise in Kentucky.

We previously announced this settlement on our blog on August 25, 2021. Since then, we had a chance to connect with some of the drivers who were apart of the case to learn more about what it was like for them to participate in the case. Check out what they had to say in the video below!


Our firm is eager to speak with our former clients to hear their stories, just like we did for the Team Goliath case. This is just one of many class action lawsuits that Biller & Kimble has successfully settled on behalf of pizza delivery drivers everywhere.

If you are a previous or active client of Biller & Kimble and would like to share your experience too, please feel free to reach out to Emma Paris at 513-452-3442 or