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Ohio Employment Lawyers

Both the federal government and the state of Ohio have strict employment laws. But too often, employers violate the rights of their workers. When wronged employees look to fight back, Biller & Kimble is in their corner.

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We Focus on Employment Law & Class Actions

We’re the attorneys you want for complex employment matters. At Biller & Kimble, we know the employment laws that apply and how to use them to our clients’ benefit through an individual claim or class action.

Our employment lawyers are aggressive and effective advocates for Ohio workers, whether it involves unpaid wage disputes, discrimination, misclassification, and more.
Since 2019, we’ve secured over $33,737,000 for our clients.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action is a lawsuit where a group alleges similar harm was committed against them. When workers’ rights are violated on a large scale, you can often pursue a class action on behalf of every mistreated employee.

If you and your coworkers consistently have issues with your work environment, wages, or other Ohio employment law violations, call Biller & Kimble.


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Since launching our firm in 2019, we have negotiated or won over $33,737,000 for our clients from a combination of settlements & judgements Last updated 02/24/2021 See More Results Results like ours are unheard of in the legal industry. This is why people trust us to handle their complex legal matters.

An Employee Class Action May Help You

If employment violations were widespread at your workplace, pursuing a class action can benefit everyone affected.

Benefits of joining an employment class action include:

  • Judicial efficiency. Class actions are more efficient for plaintiffs and the court system. Class actions are one entity, heard by one judge, and result in one ruling or settlement.
  • Stronger position for plaintiffs. There is strength in numbers. The more people who join an employment law class action, the more pressure is put on an employer. If a ruling or settlement is made, payouts will be uniform and split consistently.

Class action lawsuit proceedings can be lengthy, but the employment attorneys at Biller & Kimble have experience filing and pursuing these cases with a record of victories.

Employment Cases We Take

We have successfully represented clients in several areas of employment law, such as:

Minimum Wage & Unpaid Overtime Violations

Paying employees below minimum wage and unpaid overtime violations are among the most common forms of wage theft, especially in the service industry. Employers are required to follow Ohio minimum wage regulations and overtime laws, they should never get away with underpaying or cheating workers out of their wages.

Workplace Discrimination & Harassment

The law forbids discrimination and harassment in every aspect of employment. You might have legal recourse if you experienced mistreatment or a hostile work environment because of your race, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Wrongful Termination

You can’t be fired for reporting a wage violation, discrimination, harassment, or if you were ordered to do something illegal and refused. If you were dismissed for reasons you believe were unlawful, you may be able to hold your former employer accountable.

Employer Breach of Contract

When you sign a contract with an employer, and they don’t follow the terms, you could be entitled to damages.

We love what we do, we have experienced team members, and we work with great clients. We would love to explore how we can help you as a client.

Ohio Workers Deserve Fair Treatment

As an Ohio worker, you are entitled to full wages for each hour you work, including overtime pay if you are non-exempt and work over 40 hours per week. If you pursue legal action for an employment dispute or wage violation, it is illegal for your employer to retaliate by firing or demoting you.

Wronged Employees May Be Entitled to Damages

Workers who experienced state or federal employment violations may be entitled to:

  • Back pay, lost wages, and overtime
  • Interest on lost wages
  • Liquidated (double) damages
  • Penalties for labor law violations
  • Attorney fees and court costs
  • Punitive damages

It’s Time to Call an Ohio Employment Attorney If:

  • Your employer withholds wages or refuses to pay you in full.
  • You worked overtime but didn’t receive the appropriate pay for your extra hours.
  • Your employer pays you less than Ohio’s minimum wage of $9.30 per hour.
  • You experienced or witnessed discrimination or harassment, and it went unaddressed.
  • You were threatened or dismissed for seeking lost wages or reporting employment violations.

Contact the Employment Lawyers at Biller & Kimble, LLC

Victims of wage theft and other employment violations may worry about the financial stress of hiring a lawyer. Biller & Kimble operate on contingency, so we won’t take any money unless we recover a settlement or back pay for you.

You may be unsure if an incident at work was an employment violation. If you think you have a claim or have questions, we will review the details and walk you through your legal options. Call us today at (513) 202-0710 or reach out online