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Focused Employer Legal Representation

Let’s be clear: we are an employee-focused law firm. But, if you are an employer, we will consider representing you if and only if you are trying to do right by your employees.

If you are looking to get as close as possible to the legal line or defend atrocious behavior, please look elsewhere. Any number of firms will represent your organization—just not us. If, however, your mission is to provide and implement policies that benefit and elevate your employees, Biller & Kimble is the perfect fit.

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Our Employer Services

When it comes to litigation, we know the pressure points on the employee side. We generally work for employees, so we know the ins and outs.

When it comes to policy consultations and internal investigations, we know the common mistakes. We know the weaknesses in policies that we look for when considering litigation against a company.

When it comes to employers, we offer several services: policy consultation, employment law defense, and internal investigations.


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Since launching our firm in 2019, we have negotiated or won over $33,737,000 for our clients from a combination of settlements & judgements Last updated 02/24/2021 See More Results Results like ours are unheard of in the legal industry. This is why people trust us to handle their complex legal matters.

Policy Consultation

When employees feel valued and appreciated, there are noticeable increases in productivity as well as length of employment. We work with a variety of employers of different sizes and in different industries to design, correct, and implement employment policies that support their business and financial objections while also supporting their workforce.

Employers are faced with many decisions when implementing employment policies. These decisions require employers to balance employee satisfaction with the needs and capabilities of their particular business, on top of ensuring that the policies they decide to implement are compliant with the various applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Our team can help.

We assist employers with employment policy review and consultation to ensure not only that their employment policies exceed the minimum legal requirements but that their policies help to attract, retain, and motivate their workforce.

Beyond the obvious benefits of having motivated employees with increased tenure, by exceeding the minimum legal requirements, an employer decreases the likelihood of having an employee question whether his or her legal rights are being violated. The decrease in uncertainty of whether an employee’s rights are violated has a direct correlation in a decrease on the number of complaints, legal demands, and lawsuits that an employer may face.

Let us help create, review, or correct your employment policies.

Employment Law Defense

If you need help defending bad behavior, skirting (or breaking!) the rules, or your attempt to shortchange an employee, we are not your law firm. You can stop reading now.

With that said, sometimes employees unjustly accuse employers of breaking the law. Sometimes this arises from misunderstandings, sometimes it arises from bad blood, or sometimes the worker is looking to take advantage of your company. If that is your situation, please contact us.

We are a litigation-focused law firm, which substantial experience representing employees. That means we have a good idea of what is going on “in the other room.” We may be the perfect law firm to represent you and defend your company against unjust claims. We would be happy to discuss your situation with you and see if we are a good fit.

Employee Law Areas of Focus

Internal Investigations

Sometimes, your company needs to conduct an internal investigation. Perhaps an employee has accused a manager of harassment or discrimination. Perhaps you realized that you might have been incorrectly paying employees.

Whatever the circumstance, we can help you investigate the situation and, if appropriate, help you craft a strategy to deal with it. Mistakes happen. You need to deal with the situation as it is. We can help there too.

We love what we do, we have experienced team members, and we work with great clients. We would love to explore how we can help you as a client.

Employee-Minded Lawyers for Employers

As a firm centered around employee rights, we have a vast knowledge of the common mistakes and issues created by flawed employment policies. If you fit the profile of our kind of client, please reach out at (513) 202-0710. We would love to hear from you.