We built our reputation as tough litigators by excelling in a type of case judges have repeatedly called "inherently complex": wage and hour class and collective actions. 

What does that mean in plain English? 

We are your lawyers for complex, high-stakes cases. 

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We are the anti-lawyer lawyers.

If you are looking for the type of lawyers most likely to receive a "most liked by opponents award," look elsewhere. We're not here to make friends with opposing counsel or be part of "the club." We're here to dominate the legal battlefield for our clients. That's who is in our club. Our aggressive, client-centered approach doesn't get us invited to lawyer parties, but we don't mind. Those parties are boring anyway.


If you are looking for the type of lawyers with dusty shelves of law books, look elsewhere. We are not beholden to tradition. We are innovators both in how we run our law firm and how we make our legal arguments. As a result, we have created a highly efficient litigation machine that wins for our clients. We've also achieved numerous precedent-setting legal decisions because we have the guts and smarts to look at old laws in new ways. 

If a law firm's abstract art logo or the typical "initials" logo appeals to you, look elsewhere. Our logo is a raven. Ravens are smart and ominous, like us. 

We love what we do. We have an awesome team, we work with great clients, and we win - a lot. We would love to explore whether you are a good match for our firm as a client. 

Since launching our law firm in 2019, we have negotiated or won over


for our clients from a combination of settlements and judgments.

last updated 2/24/2021

Results like ours are almost unheard of in the legal industry. There is a reason people choose us to handle their important, complex legal matters. We are good at it.

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Our Practice Areas

Although we have the expertise and resources to handle virtually any legal dispute, we focus on certain practice areas. Explore them below or call to discuss your specific legal needs with our team. 

Litigation Practice Areas

Advisory and Non-Litigation Practice Areas

Our wage and hour practice encompasses all aspects of state and federal wage and hour laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Ohio Minimum Fair Wage Standards Act, and similar laws. 

Typical claims include unpaid minimum wages or overtime, worker misclassification, tip pool violations, un- or under-reimbursed employee expenses, and other paycheck issues.

We represent restaurant employees like waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and other service industry workers in unpaid wage claims. Restaurants are common violators of wage and hour laws, usually because they do not follow all of the rules to pay workers tipped minimum wage. 

Common violations include not paying a proper overtime rate, including non-tipped workers (like managers) in a tip pool, and requiring tipped employees to perform non-tipped work (like cleaning). 

We have represented thousands of delivery drivers who were under-reimbursed for their vehicle expenses. We've successfully argued that employers must reimburse drivers at the IRS mileage rate (about $.58 per mile) or pay their actual expenses. Because so few employers actually do either of those (usually they pay a flat rate per delivery or a low mileage rate like $.30), many delivery drivers are being underpaid. 

Concerns over COVID-19 have changed the way many employers operate. Unfortunately, for some businesses, that means putting additional costs on their employees like requiring them to purchase masks, gloves, or other personal protective equipment. Other employers ask workers to bear costs like equipment for a home office. In some cases, this can cause a violation of wage laws. 

In theory, mediation can be a great way to resolve disputes. In practice, however, the typical mediation leaves much to be desired. We should know—we've represented numerous classes of employees in multi-million dollar meditations

We developed a better way to mediate. Using our own experience, game theory, and psychological research, we developed a proprietary mediation system that blows traditional mediation out of the water.