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Emma Paris

Legal Assistant


The world of law, especially high-level litigation, can be very intimidating to non-lawyers. Heck, it can be intimidating to lawyers too! Even though Emma started her career outside of the legal field, she dove into working at our firm with no fear. Within a short time, she learned the legalese lingo, how we operated, and—most importantly—how best to serve our clients.

Since starting with our firm, Emma has proven herself to be highly adaptable, skilled, and driven to excel. She assists the lawyers, works with our clients, and has an active role in our marketing. We and our clients love the fresh perspective and insights that Emma brings to the table.

From Emma: “I appreciate that this firm is focused on helping others and it feels good to be a part of that in any way that I can be! I hope to show our clients how appreciated they are and to show so many others in similar situations what this team of attorneys has to offer.”

Emma enjoys doing makeup (she even does it professionally at weddings!), reading a good book, learning about plants, trying new recipes, and spending time outdoors. Emma admires her grandfather who, she describes, “is the most driven human being I’ve ever known. He taught me many things in life and showed me what it means to be a truly good person.” Emma supports programs related to child welfare, human trafficking, Autism Speaks, and anything linked to mental health.

Legal Assistant Emma Paris's Professional Information


Gadsen State Community College (2021)

Aveda Fredricks Institute (2020)

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