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Over 100 employees join the lawsuit Nagel v. DFL Pizza, LLC.

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In April of 2021, a pizza delivery driver at a Colorado Domino’s franchise filed a class action lawsuit against the company and its owners seeking to recover unreimbursed vehicle expenses. This lawsuit is referred to as Nagel v. DFL Pizza, LLC and is in the federal district court in Colorado.

DFL’s owners operate more than thirty stores in Colorado, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. On August 2, 2023, the Court authorized notice of the lawsuit to be sent to the drivers who worked at the Colorado stores. The Court didn’t authorize notice to drivers in Wyoming and Oklahoma, so those workers might not yet know about their rights when it comes to mileage reimbursement and how that plays into minimum wage and overtime laws.

Since the Court’s ruling, over 100 drivers have opted-in to the case. This type of collective action allows for a group of drivers to address issues or achieve goals that may not have been possible without the collaboration of a large group. As they say: There is power in numbers!

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