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Losing money in your retirement account lately? Maybe you shouldn’t be.

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The market has been ugly lately. Do you experience feelings of dread when opening your account statement?

If you have braved a look, you might have noticed something. When the market was going up, you didn’t make as much as the S&P 500 index. And now, when the market is going down, you are losing more than the same index (especially after fees, both hidden and not).

What is going on?

As it turns out, many employer-sponsored retirement plans include poor investment options like high-fee mutual funds, funds that can easily be replicated at a lower fee, or just bad investment options. Because the financial services industry made these products so difficult to understand, many employers might not even know how bad their retirement plan is.

What’s worse, you might not know until it is too late. A percentage here, a fee there, and you are left wondering at retirement why the market went up tremendously and your retirement account has lagged.

The time to look at this stuff is now. We will evaluate your employer’s plan for free. If it includes bad options or charges excessive fees, we can discuss your legal options to recover lost money (and fix the plan going forward!). Call us today.

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