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Can your employer force you to pay for COVID tests?

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Is your employer requiring you to be tested for COVID and making you pay for it?

That may be a violation of the law.

Many employers are now requiring their employees to get frequent COVID tests. The tests are getting more and more expensive. The question is, who should have to pay these costs?

Generally, federal and state wage and hour laws prohibit employers from shifting the costs of doing business onto their employees—especially employees earning minimum wage (or close to it). If your employer is requiring COVID tests in order for you to work, it could be a violation of the law. The same principles would apply to other COVID-related expenses that workers are suddenly forced to cover, such as masks or other protective equipment.

If your employer is requiring you to cover costs related to their COVID policies, you might be able to sue to recover those costs for yourself and your co-workers. Our firm is one of the best-equipped in the country to handle these cases, as we regularly represent pizza delivery drivers who are illegally under-reimbursed for the costs of providing cars for their employers.

If your employer is forcing you to pay for COVID testing or other COVID-related expenses, feel free to give us a call at (513) 202-0710 for a free consultation to discuss what you can do.

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