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Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Florida Domino’s Pizza Franchise

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Updated: Sep 21

On November 18, 2020, Biller & Kimble filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of our client, a Domino’s delivery driver.

Our client worked at Beach Pizza, Inc., and filed her suit on behalf of all Beach Pizza delivery drivers, seeking unpaid minimum wages and under-reimbursed expenses incurred while delivering pizzas on behalf of all Beach Pizza delivery drivers. Beach Pizza, Inc. operates Domino’s Pizza stores throughout Florida.

The lawsuit is one of many pizza delivery driver suits filed against Domino’s franchisees across the country. In these lawsuits, pizza delivery drivers allege that pizza companies under-reimburse them for mileage and vehicle expenses the drivers have to cover when they use their own cars to make deliveries.

To run their business, pizza companies need cars. To save money, these companies require drivers to provide and maintain their own cars as a condition of employment. It’s a great deal for the company, but not for the delivery drivers.

Gas isn’t free. Car parts aren’t free. Licensing, registration, and maintenance costs are not free. This lawsuit asserts that the company’s reimbursement policy unlawfully shifts its costs of running the business onto employees—taking a “kick back” from their pay.

One federal judge faced with this question recently ruled in favor of delivery drivers, holding that pizza companies must either:

1. Reimburse drivers at the IRS mileage rate ($0.575 per mile in 2020)


2. Keep records of the drivers’ actual vehicle expenses and reimburse them that amount.

This lawsuit alleges that Beach Pizza did neither. As a result, our client is seeking the full amount of the under-reimbursement per mile at the IRS rate, plus additional damages under federal and state law.

Are you a delivery driver who thinks they have been under-reimbursed while making deliveries for Beach Pizza? You are not alone. You may be owed back wages and additional damages under federal and state law. Contact BK for a free consultation by completing the form below or calling us at 513-901-8130.


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