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Employee sues SushiNati, Korea House, and 3501 Seoul restaurants in Federal Court for taking tips.

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On July 26, 2022, a former server sued Shelly Choi and Mike Choi, owners of three Korean restaurants in the Cincinnati, Ohio area for unlawfully taking tips.

Specifically, the Plaintiff alleges that she was requires to pay the restaurant a portion of her tips after every shift.

Federal and state laws prohibits employers from keeping their employees’ tips.

The Plaintiff, a former server and host, is seeking to recover the tips taken as well as additional damages under state and federal law for herself and her fellow co-workers.

Are you a current or former server or host at SushiNati, Korea House, or 3501 Seoul? Do you want to join the lawsuit or have questions?

Is your employer taking any of your tips? Are you being paid less that you are entitled to under state or federal law?

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