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Domino’s Delivery Drivers File Nationwide Lawsuit Claiming Unpaid Wages

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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Over the last decade, Domino’s Pizza stores throughout the country have been sued over-and-over for failing to properly reimburse drivers for delivery-related expenses.

A lawsuit filed by BK Law asserts Domino’s failed to properly reimburse its estimated 400,000 delivery drivers at its corporate and franchise stores nationwide.

The plaintiff-delivery drivers assert that they were required to drive their own cars to complete deliveries. The drivers allege they were given reimbursement by the Domino’s Pizza stores, but the reimbursement did not cover their actual expenses, nor did it add up to the IRS standard business mileage rate, as required by the Department of Labor Field Operations Handbook. The IRS standard business mileage rate is currently $.545 per mile. Instead, it was usually a set amount per delivery, or a per-mile rate about half the IRS rate.

Because the drivers took on the expenses without being fully reimbursed, they have “kicked back” a portion of their wages to the Domino’s Pizza stores. It is like an employer saying “I will pay you minimum wage, but only if you pay me $3 an hour to work here.”

The plaintiff-delivery drivers seek to pursue this case on behalf of themselves and all other delivery drivers at Domino’s corporate and franchise stores who are paid under similar circumstances as they are.

BK Law has had recent success asserting similar claims against Domino’s stores in Dayton, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio. Read about the Dayton settlement here. Read about the Cincinnati settlement here.

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