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Court orders Team Honey Badger delivery drivers’ claims must be decided in individual arbitration

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On September 19, 2022, a U.S. District Court in Minnesota ruled that a pizza delivery driver employed by the 178-store Team Honey Badger Domino’s franchise must assert his unpaid minimum wage claims in individual arbitration.

Case Details

The plaintiff, a delivery driver who worked in one of Team Honey Badger’s Wisconsin Domino’s stores, alleged that the company did not adequately reimburse the plaintiff and his fellow delivery drivers for the use of their personal vehicles to make deliveries, resulting in a minimum wage violation. This is an unfortunately common issue in the pizza delivery industry. Our firm has successfully represented multiple classes of pizza delivery drivers around the country in similar cases, recovering over $30 million for drivers in the process.

The plaintiff set out to represent all of the company’s delivery drivers employed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa. But, because of the court’s decision compelling arbitration, the case will not proceed as a class action.

What does this mean for Team Honey Badger delivery drivers who want to recover their unpaid wages and damages? As a result of the court’s decision, any Team Honey Badger drivers who want to pursue claims for unpaid wages and unreimbursed vehicle expenses must do so through a private, individual arbitration process.

Biller & Kimble has already helped dozens of Team Honey Badger drivers recover unpaid wages and damages through the arbitration process. Interested drivers should contact our office to learn how by filling out the contact form on this page.

While our preference would be to represent all of the workers in a single action, there are some benefits to arbitration for the delivery drivers. You can learn more about the arbitration process here.

If you are a pizza delivery driver for Team Honey Badger or any other company and want to learn more about this case, please contact our office at 513-202-0710 or by completing the contact form below. Consultations are free and confidential.


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