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BK Law Files Multiple Arbitrations Against Glass Family Pizza On Behalf Of Pizza Delivery Drivers

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Pizza delivery drivers in the Southwest Ohio area: Are you being properly reimbursed for your delivery expenses?

This week, Biller & Kimble filed four demands for arbitration against Glass Family Pizza, a Domino’s franchise based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The drivers claim they have been denied proper minimum wages because they have not received full reimbursement for their delivery-related expenses (in other words, the costs of driving their car for work).

The Department of Labor requires employers to reimburse delivery drivers for their actual expenses or at the IRS standard business mileage rate, which is currently $.58 per mile. The drivers claim Glass Family Pizza did not track and pay for their actual expenses, nor did they pay at the IRS rate.

The drivers have demanded to be paid the difference between the IRS rate and the reimbursement they actually received for each mile driven. The drivers also seek an additional 2x unpaid wages under Ohio law.

For example, a driver who receives $.25 per mile driven is arguably owed $.33 per mile (the difference between the rate paid and the IRS rate). If that driver drove 10,000 miles for his or her employer, he or she would be entitled to $3,300 in unpaid wages, plus an additional 2x that amount in damages under Ohio law, plus other additional damages.

Are you an employee that has been wronged by Glass Family Domino’s? Do you want Glass Family Pizza to get away with it? If not, complete the form below or call us at 513-464-9537 to initiate a free and confidential case evaluation. The lawyers at Biller & Kimble have extensive experience representing employees in situations like this and can advise you about your options.

Have you signed an arbitration agreement? No problem. While that means you cannot pursue a class action to attempt to vindicate the rights of your co-workers, you are still able to pursue your legal rights through the arbitration process, which is said to be faster and more efficient. BK Law has extensive experience representing workers in arbitration.

Lastly, if you are worried about fees, don’t be. BK Law only gets paid if the lawyers recover money for you.

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