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Biller & Kimble files class actions nationwide on behalf of Domino’s delivery drivers

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Since 2018, Biller & Kimble has filed lawsuits against Domino’s Pizza franchisees operating in 22 different states on behalf of the companies’ pizza delivery drivers.

Through these cases, we have achieved settlements for thousands of Domino’s drivers, totaling over $20 million in unpaid wages, damages, attorney’s fees and costs.

For example, Biller & Kimble has negotiated the following settlements:

$3,000,000 for delivery drivers at Team Carolinas, Inc. (North and South Carolina)

$2,485,000 for delivery drivers at Southern Ohio Pizza, Inc. (Ohio and Indiana)

$1,800,000 for delivery drivers at JARINC, LTD. (Colorado)

$1,600,000 for delivery drivers at Mountainside Pizza, Inc. (Colorado)

$1,200,000 for delivery drivers at Lewisburg Pizza, LLC (Pennsylvania)

$1,000,000 for delivery drivers at Team Goliath, Inc. (Kentucky)

$850,000 for delivery drivers at EUBA Corp. (Ohio)

For additional details, check out our Victories Page.

In addition to these and other class settlements, B&K has also helped hundreds of Domino’s drivers recover their unpaid wages through individual arbitrations. To learn more about pizza delivery driver arbitrations, please read our blog on the subject:

The drivers’ allegation is essentially the same in each of these cases. The drivers claim that they have been denied minimum wage because they are required to provide cars to use at work and are not properly reimbursed for the expenses associated with operating their car. Because the workers are paid at or close to minimum wage, any “under-reimbursement” is likely to trigger a violation of the minimum wage laws.

The plaintiff asserts that the Domino’s franchisees are required to either (1) track and pay delivery drivers’ actual expenses, or (2) reimburse the drivers at the IRS standard business mileage rate, which is currently $.56 per mile.

Many of the Domino’s franchisees claim they have a third option in addition to tracking and paying actual expenses or reimbursing at the IRS rate: they claim they can “reasonably approximate” the drivers’ expenses and still comply with the law. While we believe this is an incorrect interpretation of the law, we also allege that the companies have failed to meet even their own preferred “approximation” standard.

Despite the substantial sums of money Domino’s franchisees have paid to settle these lawsuits, many of them still insist on reimbursing their drivers at a rate substantially less than the IRS standard business mileage rate.

If you are a Domino’s driver who drives your own car for work, you might have a claim too. You can call at us 513-202-0710 or complete the form below for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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