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Biller & Kimble asks the Court to Approve Settlements for 42 Glass Family Pizza Delivery Drivers.

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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

On September 24, 2019, Biller & Kimble filed a Motion to Approve settlement agreements for 42 Glass Family Pizza delivery drivers. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, each settlement must be approved by a Court, which will ensure the settlements are fair and reasonable under the law.

Glass Family Pizza, a Domino’s franchise, has agreed to pay approximately $287,000 in unpaid wages and damages under Federal, Ohio, and Kentucky wage and hour law. The pizza franchise also agreed to pay attorney’s fees and costs of $116,000 in addition to the $287,0000 settlement to the 42 delivery drivers.

If the Court approves the Motion, drivers will receive an average of $6,833 per person.

You can read the Motion for Approval here.

The drivers claimed that Glass Family Pizza under-reimbursed them for their driving-related expenses. Specifically, the drivers argued that the Fair Labor Standards Act requires Glass Family Pizza to reimburse them the IRS business mileage rate (currently about $.58/mile). Any less than that, the drivers claim, is a wage violation.

Under the settlement, many drivers received a multiplier of their unpaid wages (e.g. 2.5 x their unpaid wages) based on applicable federal and state wage and hour law. Although the drivers signed arbitration agreements, Glass Family Pizza agreed to allow these drivers to seek settlement approval through a previously-filed case against the franchise.

The next step is for the Court to determine whether approval is warranted. Specifically, the Court must ensure that the settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate. The attached Motion explains why we believe each settlement meets this standard.

It is important to note that we believe other delivery drivers may have also been affected by Glass Family Pizza’s alleged mileage under-reimbursement policies.

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