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194 GT Pizza, Inc., Delivery Drivers to Share $650,000 Settlement

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Biller & Kimble is proud to announce that, on November 10, 2022, the Southern District of Ohio approved a settlement in the amount of $650,000 for 194 pizza delivery drivers who worked for GT Pizza, Inc., a Columbus, Ohio area Domino’s Pizza franchise. The drivers alleged that the company did not properly pay them for the vehicle expenses they incurred while using their cars to make deliveries. By entering the settlement, GT Pizza, Inc. maintains that it did not violate the law.

The settlement will be shared by the 194 delivery drivers based on the miles they drove for the Domino’s franchisee within the relevant time frame. After deducting attorneys fees, expenses, and a $10,000 incentive award for the class representative, each driver will receive, on average, $2,103.25. Of course, each person’s award will be different based on the number of miles they drove for the company.

From here, checks are set to be mailed to the drivers by December 14, 2022. Drivers who have moved since joining the case should make sure to contact our office to update their address.

McGrothers v. GT Pizza was filed on August 7, 2020. It is one of many lawsuits that Biller & Kimble have successfully settled on behalf of pizza delivery drivers. To learn more about those settlements, visit our Victories page. The lawsuit alleged the company failed to compensate its drivers with minimum wages and overtime wages as required, making the company in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Ohio Wage Laws. The lawsuit alleged that delivery drivers at this Domino’s Pizza franchise were required to provide their own vehicle to make deliveries for the company. The plaintiff asserted that instead of paying the drivers at the IRS standard business mileage rate ($.625 per mile), or keeping track of the drivers’ expenses in any way, the company reimbursed the drivers at a set amount per delivery. As a result, the lawsuit alleged that the drivers received less than the IRS rate for each mile they drove. If you are a delivery driver, you probably know that this practice is very common in the pizza industry.


If you are a delivery driver using your own car to make deliveries for the pizza industry, you may be owed back wages for the same reasons stated above. Contact our firm for a free consultation today.

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