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Hood v. Hen Quarter

Restaurant Workers

This case asserts claims on behalf of the former staff of the restaurant Hen Quarter near Columbus, Ohio, who were not paid their final paychecks after the restaurant suddenly closed in January 2022.


Update 04-22-2022

On April 4, 2022, Defendant Ron Jordan filed a “Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing” indicating that he is filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Biller & Kimble has retained bankruptcy counsel to protect the interests of the class and collective in the separate bankruptcy proceedings. Mr. Jordan’s bankruptcy proceedings do not stop the case against the other Defendants and Plaintiff intends to continue to pursue his and his fellow workers’ claims.


Update 04-20-2022

On April 20, 2022, counsel Plaintiff and Defendants attended a First Pretrial Conference scheduled by the Court. After the conference, Magistrate Judge Jolson directed the parties to pursue an early resolution, to exchange information to allow Plaintiff to make a settlement demand, and to file a joint status report detailing the Parties mediation efforts and whether the parties would like to engage in a settlement conference.


Update 04-04-2022

Plaintiff has served Defendant Keith Warren with discovery requests and expects responses in early May.

Update 03-31-2022

Plaintiff has served Defendants Ron Jordan, Jordan Restaurant Group HQ LLC d/b/a Hen Quarter, Jordan Restaurant Group, LLC, and Jordan Hospitality Group, LLC with discovery requests and expects responses in early May.

Update 03-18-2022

Ron Jordan, Jordan Restaurant Group HQ, LLC, Jordan Hospitality Group, and Jordan Restaurant Group, LLC filed an Answer to our Complaint . To understand what Defendants admit and deny, it is best be looking at the Complaint and Answer at the same time.

Update 03-18-2022

Plaintiff sends records requests to Defendants pursuant to the Ohio Constitution

The Ohio Constitution at Article II, Section 34a requires employers to keep basic employee records, including pay records and to provide them upon request. Plaintiff expects Defendants to respond on April 1, 2022

Update 03-03-2022

Plaintiff files  Combined Motion for Conditional Certification and Class Certification under Rule 23.

On March 3, 2022, Plaintiff filed a Combined Motion for Conditional FLSA Collective Action Certification and Class Certification under Rule 23 . The motion seeks to: (1) obtain approval from the Court to inform all other workers at Hen Quarter about this lawsuit and to give them the opportunity to join and (2) to obtain Court’s approval for Zak Hood to represent all the employees at Hen Quarter and to seek the recovery of everyone’s unpaid wages.

Update 02-07-2022

The case is still pending. The plaintiffs recently filed the action and intend to move for FLSA collective action certification and Rule 23 Class Certification promptly, given the extreme circumstances of this case.

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Case Details


Biller & Kimble filed a class and collective action lawsuit against Jordan Restaurant Group HQ LLC (a company doing business under the name Hen Quarter), Jordan Restaurant Group, LLC, Jordan Hospitality Group, LLC, Ron Jordan, and Keith Warren alleging five counts of federal and state law wage and hour violations.

The allegations stem from Defendants’ sudden closure of Hen Quarter, a restaurant located outside Columbus, Ohio. Plaintiff alleges that after the restaurant closed, Defendants failed to pay any of their former employees’ wages and tips that had already been earned.

If you are a former employee at Hen Quarter and are interested in joining the lawsuit, please call our office.