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Wage and Hour Law


Biller & Kimble was founded as a wage and hour law firm. “Wage and hour” is a lawyer phrase that attorneys use to describe the area of law that covers issues like minimum wages, overtime pay, tips and tip pools, pay equality, employee versus independent contractor classification, breastfeeding accommodation, and meal breaks. There are both federal laws (like the Fair Labor Standards Act) and state (and sometimes local) laws that cover these areas, so the best wage and hour lawyers can navigate a complex web of laws and regulations.

Our firm focuses on representing employees in class action lawsuits to recover unpaid wages. Most of our clients are blue-collar workers like servers, waiters/waitresses, bartenders, pizza delivery drivers, exotic dancers, and home health workers. We pride ourselves in giving our working-class clients the same high quality representation and access to resources that big companies get.

Although our firm is based in Ohio (Cincinnati and Columbus offices), we have built a nationwide wage and hour practice. Within a year of founding Biller & Kimble, we have reached settlements or received judgments totaling over $10 million on behalf of our clients. Admittedly, that was no accident—the firm’s founders are experienced wage and hour attorneys who already had successful law practices. Our results and systematic approach has earned us a reputation as experts in the area of wage and hour litigation.

If you think you might have a claim relating to unpaid minimum wages, overtime pay, tips and tip pools, or under-reimbursed expenses (like for mileage or uniforms), call us or use the contact form on this page. The call is free and, when we represent workers in wage and hour lawsuits, we almost always work on a “contingency fee basis” and we advance all costs associated with your case. That means, if we accept your case, we will not get paid anything unless we succeed in getting you paid. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us.

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