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Wage War. This short phrase sums up our approach to litigation.

At Biller & Kimble, we are aggressive, unapologetic advocates for our clients’ best interests. We use a calculated, systematic approach to winning—we “wage war.”

Biller & Kimble’s edge is that we look beyond traditional approaches and utilize all of our available tools both in and out of the courtroom. We employ the latest in psychology, social media, public pressure, and litigation techniques to get our opponents on their back foot from the start of the case. We delve deep into the science and psychology of what makes effective advocacy and apply those principles to our legal arguments and strategies. We use social media and technology to put pressure on our opponents and give our clients an advantage. We have the expertise and resources to take your case to trial and win, or to leverage your claim into an early resolution

“Wage War” is not a scorched earth, win-at-all-costs approach. To us, “Wage War” also means acting honorably. In the process of representing you, we will always be respectful and forthright with you and our opponents. To us, effective lawyering is not spraying allegations aimlessly around a courtroom or yelling louder than our opponent. It is certainly not using dishonesty or deception. We strive to win and do it in the right way.

To our clients, we seek to inspire pride and loyalty. To our colleagues, on both sides of the bar, respect mixed with a little awe. To our opponents, dread.