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About Our Firm

Who We Are

We are wage and hour class action lawyers. In plain English, we represent groups of employees in lawsuits to recover stolen tip money, unpaid minimum and overtime wages, and other withheld pay. Most of our clients are blue-collar workers like waitresses, bartenders, pizza delivery drivers, home health aids, and exotic dancers.

Our law firm’s main office is in Cincinnati, Ohio. From our Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio locations, we act as lead counsel in complex cases throughout the United States. We are recognized authorities on the Fair Labor Standards Act, Ohio’s minimum wage, overtime, and payday laws, and have litigated issues under other states' wage laws as well.  

Our History

Two experienced wage and hour attorneys, Andy Biller and Andrew Kimble, founded Biller & Kimble, LLC in October 2018. The Founding Partners take a “multi-disciplinary” or “talent stack” approach to both the business of law and litigation. To us, it is not enough to be good litigators. We enhance our representation and practice by drawing on other disciplines and areas of expertise.


Within a year of the firm’s founding, we resolved cases on behalf of our clients for an aggregrate amount of over $10 million. Our firm's substantial resources allows us to give our working-class clients the same advantages that their  corporate opponents have.


In 2019, we added another lawyer to our roster, Louise Roselle. Louise has 47 years of experience in complex lawsuits, including being trial counsel in a case that resulted in a $375 million settlement. Louise now focuses her practice on personal injury matters, which broadens Biller & Kimble’s range of services beyond wage and hour.